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How to Make and Style Baby Hair with Your Own Hair

Perfectly-styled baby hair is an important feature for many women of color when it comes to their hairstyles. Having those clean, little gelled-down swoops around the hairline just gives the hairstyle a certain polish and charm. Indeed, styling baby hairs is a beloved practice in certain communities of color and has been for years. How to get baby hairs when you don’t have them now, if you are anything like me, you are on the baby hair struggle bus! But it’s okay because your edges matter and your baby hair can be layered, so if you want to see how I make my baby hair, keep on watching!

So I’ve already put some water into making black castor oil on my edges, and I’m just combing it back, and now holding my hair loosely, I’m just going to brushing hair toward my eyebrow, And this is going to be taking my hair my actual head, not from my edges, and I’m gonna use this hair to act like my baby hair since I don’t have any.

Now that I have enough hair out, I’m going to go ahead and secure the rest and then I’m just going to start shaping my baby hair to see if it really is enough. As you can see, I swoop it back into the rest of my hair, and that’s just going to hide the fact that the hair is super long hair and not really baby hair.

Once I got it to the shape that I want, then I go away with my edge control and I just brush it over one more time, just to make sure that it then stays there all day or at least for a few hours or a few minutes depending on the edge control I’m using that day.

Once I finished with that, I go ahead and styling my hair, as you can see, baby hair is laid even though I started off with no baby hair. If you are one of those people who are into the whole not doing your edges movement, that’s fine to everyone is entitled to their own preferences, But this is for those girls who want to get the baby hair look when they don’t really have any, I hope this is helpful to you guys and please let me know if you got any questions.

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