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How to Thin Out a Wig to the More Natural Look

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Wigs are versatile and come in as many styles and colors as natural hair. If a wig has a great style but looks or feels too thick, thinning it is an option to provide a sleeker look and a more natural appearance.

How To Thin Out Wig?

Usually, you have two choices for thin out your wig :

1. To a professional salon to look for a great hairstylist or just DIY by yourself.  A stylist with experience with wigs are great, of course, but any hairstylist can handle the job. but this will be cost you some. As we all known the professional hairstylist always expensive, right?

2. You may wonder if it is possible to thin out your wig yourself? Even though this can sometimes be difficult to do, thinning out your wig can save you money! If you are confident in your abilities, we can give you some helpful advice.

Have you ever get a wig that is really thick and really dense around the hairline? The hairline is not looking as natural as you want. Evan hair will show you step by step on how to change this situation.

How To Thin Out a Wig: Things to Prepare

If you decide to thin your covering head, you need thinning shears (scissors) or pair of tweezers. Make sure that you are not using the regular scissors or you will mess your wig. The fine teeth on thinning shears only trim hair to create a realistic look. Besides, you need some necessary things such as hair clips, brush, etc.

How To Thin Out A Wig By Yourself?

Now getting started.

Determine where you want to thin. Put the wig on and look at yourself in the mirror. Determine where you want to thin the hair and make a mental note of how you want the wig to appear. This helps guide your work as you begin.

Create a part you want to work on. Create a part in your hairpiece to isolate the area of the wig you want to work on. Put the front tooth of the comb or precision tip against your scalp and then move the comb from front to back to part the hair. Place a clip-on hair you are not focused on to secure it while you work.

Prepare to remove. Hold a section of hair between your fingers and then squeeze the thinning shears on that section. Use the shears as close to the root as possible to capture full strands. Continue to hold the section of hair and put the shears down.

Remove the excess hair. Comb through the section of hair you hold in your hands to remove the excess hair. The comb captures a small amount of hair set free by the thinning shears.

Do the same process and keeping plucking. Repeat Steps 2-4 until all the sections of your hairpiece you want to thin have been completed. Comb through your hair a final time and style as necessary.

Tips And Tricks

  1. Tip 1. When you’re ready to begin, place your wig on a wig stand or head form. With a comb, section off the hair into even parts. It’s easier to manage this way.
  2. Tip 2.You will want to start at the top of the hair, not the bottom. When thinning out, you will want to stick with the middle of the hair, not the outer layers. Additionally, if you cut too close to the root, you’ll get short stubby hairs that stick straight up.
  3. Tip 3.If you encounter a layer looking too blunt, twist up the hair and cut it at a 45-degree angle to achieve a wispy look.
  4. Tip 4.Always split your hair into even sections and thin one section at a time, either trying the wig on every so often to check how much more thinning is needed or thinning the wig out while it is on your head. Make sure you can get to the back of your hair easily or ask somebody to help to achieve an even look around the head.
  5. Tip 5. Periodically, try the wig on and see how the hair density looks on you. Remember, you can always cut more hair off, but you can’t add more hair on. Take your time!

Faq Of How To Thin Your Wig

1. Why should you thin out your wig?

When it comes to wigs, more hair is better. After all, the customer can always trim away hair, but they can’t add on hair.

Unfortunately, too much hair can cause that stereotypical “wiggy” look that unnatural.

In the same way, thick hair doesn’t suit all faces, dense wigs aren’t for everyone and can be difficult to style, which is why many women choose to thin out their tresses for a more natural-looking wig.

2. Can I thin out my own wig?

If you’re unhappy with your wig density, you may wonder if it is possible to thin out your wig yourself? Even though this can sometimes be difficult to do, thinning out your wig can save you money!

But if you’re too heavy-handed with the trimming scissors, a replacement wig could cost you more in the long run.

If you’re unsure, we would always recommend taking your new wig to a professional hairdresser to be styled. This way, you will avoid any possible disasters!

3. How to thin out the top of a wig?

You can apply the above method. Take a small section of hair, hold the end of your hair out and run the tweezer down your hair. If you do the first time, do slowly and gently.

After running the tweezer down, gently pull down on the end of your hair and some hair will come out of your hand. You can continue to use the tweezer to take off as much hair as you would like! Don’t forget to brush your hair and some extra pieces would fall out.

4. Is this way suitable for other wigs?

Yes. Also, wigs usually have several styles and different type like full lace wigs, lace front wigs and 360 front wigs, Full lace wigs all is hand-tied wigs, lace front, and 360 wigs will be half hand made and half machine-made.

But all of this style can both use the same way to thin out to make it work for you. Just for bundles with closure or frontal, when you make the wigs by yourself you can choose the density by yourself.

Also if your own hair is ok just want to add more density maybe you can just choose tip hair, tape hair or clip hair will be ok. This way can make your hair to be thicker also can save your time to work it out thin.

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