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10 Top Best Short Bob Wigs of 2020

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Bob’s style has never left, and neither will it. Bob wig is a great choice for many women because of its minimal maintenance. If you want to see how you’d look like with short hair without necessarily cutting off your locks, you can try short bob wigs. Due to their appearance, you can easily change the hairstyle easily. Bob wigs also allow you to achieve the look of short hair without having to visit your hairdresser.

Why Choose Bob Wigs?

One of the best things bob a hairstyle is that you can match it with different clothes for different occasions. Another thing, bob wigs are readily available in different colors and lengths, so you will definitely get one that suits your needs and help you look better.

The Top 10 Best Bob Wigs of 2020

Whether you are a new wig wearer or a pro, here are some of the top 2020 bob wigs you can choose to rock.

1.Straight Lace Front Bob Wig

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This bob wig is neat with elegant radian and very smooth perfect for round face. Some of its features include lace front, 100% hand-tied lace, lightweight, comfortable, etc. This bob wig is flexible for all kinds of hair parting, and it has correctly blended seamless hairline that imitates how hair grows out of the scalp, making it appear like real hair. It also allows for versatile hairstyles, making it hard for people to tell it’s actually a wig.

This wig is heat resistant, which means it won’t get damaged by heated styling products. You can use either your flat iron or curling iron to style it. You can style it up to higher temperatures without melting it or interfering with its quality.

2.Human hair short wig with bangs

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The short bob wigs with bangs are ideal for women who are interested in a short and clean-cut hairstyle. Bob cut lace front wigs can be curly and flirty or sleek and straight. The short straight bob wig is designed with bangs. They come in various densities, such as 130%, 150%, and 180% density. The higher the density, the thicker and heavier the wig. Short straight bob wig is perfect for various face shapes.  This wig also looks and feels smooth, natural, and shiny. Since it is durable and heat resistant, you can use a curling rod or flat iron to style it to your preferences.

3.Human short curly bob wigs

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If you prefer short hair, but with curls, this curly bob wig may be ideal for you. The elegance that comes with short curly is worthy of the effort you must put when setting a weave in it. This hairstyle is chic and trendy. You can never go wrong in choosing short curly bob weave. They are easy to put on and even easier to manage it. This hairstyle will be your favorite for a long time as it goes along with all work and party themes.

4.Straight human hair blonde bob wig

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The blonde hair wig is suitable for both African American and American women. It tends to attract attention. So if you are planning to go to a party, and want to attract some attention, then this bob wig is the perfect choice. After all, almost all women dream of having a beautiful blonde hair. It is designed in 8-14 inches, and you don’t have to bleach it anymore. Blonde hair bob wig is resistant to heat and so you can use a flat iron to style it.

5.Straight hair highlight color short bob wig

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Highlights are pieces of hair that are actually lighter than natural hair. If brown is your base color, then you can add highlights that are light brown or blonde highlights. For blondes, they can incorporate high blondes with lighter blonde shades. It’s crucial to note that there are various types of highlighting techniques, as well.

The 100% hand-tied wig gives a natural look with various styling options and comfortable feel. The lace front extends ear to ear, and it also allows you to style the front layers. The lace is also hand-tied to give you a natural volume and allows you to change your hairstyle.

There is a reason why many women love highlight wig. A few correctly-placed streaks can add dimension and movement into your hair, especially if your hair feels flat and stagnant.

6.Short bob side part wig

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Get trendy with this wig that doesn’t require you to dye your hair. This classy grey wig has a fluffy, voluminous bob style with straight, well-defined bangs that fits every type of face. The wig is designed from top-quality synthetic fibers that are resistant to snags and tangles to allow you to maintain its original quality for a very long time. The short fluffy bob wig is ideal for daily use, party, fashion show, Halloween, date, and so much more.

This 13-inch wig is also heat-friendly, meaning you can use heated styling tool to style it without interfering with its quality.  It’s 100% breathable, making you to feel comfortable when you wear it.

7.Highlight Ombre short hair bob wig

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This-plucked 13×4 front wig is ideal for any face type. The length is 8-16 inches. This bob wig is made from high-quality synthetic fiber, and it adds bright color to the ordinary hairstyle and makes it more fresh and shiny.

8.Water wave bob wig

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Evan hair water wave bob cut wig is 100% human hair wigs: it is made of soft and smoothy virgin hair, No Tangle, Comb the Hair Easily via Fingers, Seldom Shedding Exist As Natural Hair, easy to wear; One Strap at Back, Adjust the Wig Size Freely, Natural and Healthy, Soft and Bouncy.

You can apply to parties, birthday, travel, celebration, wedding, graduation and daily life, change your hairstyle easily, whenever and wherever You are.

9.Kinky straight bob hair wig

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This wig crafted from 100% human hair gives you a more natural look. This wig is soft, healthy, and very natural. No one will be able to tell if you are wearing a wig.

This elegant short wig will transform you into a beautiful princess with its pixie-cut style. The wig looks and feels soft and natural as it is made from virgin human hair of high-quality. The wig provides a secure fit for your head and prevents it from slipping off when you wear it.

10.Colored bob wig

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Choosing a new wig is exciting! Picking a flattering color is the best way to guarantee an overall gorgeous look and make you look different. You can find out your dreamy trendy wigs here, whether it is Ombre, Black, Blonde, Blue, Purple, Grey or Silver Hair Shades.

Every wig from Evan hair is made of 100% raw human hair cut from young girls directly without any chemical process., which means you can use a curling iron to create your own hairstyle. In addition, you can enjoy the wonderful experience that the wigs of different colors and styles bring to you. You can wear them to a party, for a lunch date, for cosplay and to anywhere!


Short bob wigs can be an attractive hairstyle, especially if you choose the most suitable one. Bob wig hairstyle is elegant, comfortable, beautiful, chic, and it also shows boldness. People love them because of their durability and comfort.

However, choosing the right bob wigs can be quite challenging since they come in different styles, colors, lengths, and thicknesses. So to get the right bob wig, you need to know your face shape so that you get a bob wig that complements it.

A wig is a good option for those people in busy schedules or who want to change hairstyles frequently and even someone with hair problems. Evan hair offers various lace wigs for you, no matter you want wavy wigs or straight wigs, lace wigs or no lace wigs, long wigs or short human hair wigs, and other wig types, you can find it at Evanhair.com.

These wigs can be colored, permed, and styling like natural hair. Human hair wigs are popular with many people. A wide variety of hair wigs can make women beautiful and confident. This kind of confidence makes them live a better life, and more importantly, it satisfies women’s higher pursuit of beauty.Why not to get one for yourself? You can meet a better you!!! Because you deserve it.

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