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Can Brazilian Body Wave Hair Be Straightened

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If you are a 100% human hair lover, you must know the body wave hair is the most welcomed kind of real human hair in the hair market. Why? Because of the popular and fashion hairstyle, because of the restyled feature. In this blog, we will introduce some knowledge about the body wave human hair, and solve people’s common question of how to straighten the Brazilian body wave hair in the right method.


※ What is the body wave hair

※ Can body wave hair be straightened

※ How to straighten your body wave hair

What Is The Body Wave Hair

The body wave hairstyles have a big and loose “S” pattern. The shape of the body wave hair bundles looks orderly and fashionable. The hair on the top of the head is smooth and a little straight, and the hair becomes the body wave hairstyle from the middle at the place of women’s shoulder. Then the entire big “S” shape hair stray along the shoulder. The body wave hair with closure sew in shows the most popular and fashionable looking if seeing from a distance.

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Except for the body wave hairstyles, there is another reason why people like to choose the Peruvian body wave hair. That is because the body wave human hair is the original and tough human hairstyle. For women like to wear the human hair wig sew in to show their beautiful, the invariable must make them boredom and lace of self-confidence. So if they can have the Remy human hair can be restyled to any other hairstyles they like will be a wonderful thing. This is another reason why people like to buy the body wave weave 100% human hair. This will be our second topic in this blog.

Can Body Wave Hair Be Straightened

Many women want to know if the body wave virgin human hair can be straightened, the answer is yes. You can not only straighten the body wave human hair wig to straight human hair wig but also can crimp your body wave hair bundles to curly human hairstyle and natural wave hair, you can also dye your black body wave hair to blonde body wave hair and other color body wave human hair.

613 lace frontal wig

The model in the picture is wearing Evan hair 613# blonde body wave hair, what a beautiful girl she is.

Now, in the next part of this blog, we will introduce how to straighten your body wave hair.

How To Straighten Your Body Wave Hair

* Preparation work of straightening Brazilian body wave hair

If wanting to straighten your body wave weave hair, you should prepare an appropriative flat iron, and learning how to use the flat iron. The heat of the flat iron should be appropriate, too cold will not available for straightening the body wave hair extensions, but too hot will damage the body wave weave human hair. Regarding the proper heat of the flat iron, you can consult your hairdresser or contact us for it.

* Make your body wave human hair clean before straightening

Make your body wave hair sew in clean, smooth, and no tangle is very important to have a better straightening result. You can use the shampoo to wash your body wave human hair wig, make sure to smooth your body wave hair sew in gently with your finger. Add some hair conditioner to protect your body wave Remy human hair.

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* Straighten the body wave hairstyles in a proper way

After doing all the preparation work, let’s straighten the short body wave hair and body wave long hair with the flat iron. First, you should pick a fraction of the body wave hair extensions, then starting by placing the flat iron to the root of the hair section and slowly moving it down the hair. After straightened the fraction of the body wave hair you picked, then repeat this procedure to other parts of the body wave weave transparent lace front wig, until the entire body wave human hair wig is styled to straight hair.

body wave

* Tips on straightening the body wave weave hair

Pay more attention to the temperature of the flat iron in order to get healthy human hair. We don’t suggest you do the straightening work by your self if you don’t have a good skill of styling body wave human hair. Under this circumstance, going to a hairdresser should be the right choice for you.

Don’t rude to straighten your body wave weave human hair. During the straightening process, you should make your action mild, pulling rude may cause your body wave hair sew in tangle, hence damage your virgin body wave human hair.

After finished your straightening work, you should pay more attention to take care of it. The 100% human hair is like our own hair, how good you taking care of it, how long it will serve you. If you want to make your body wave hair has a long lifespan after straightened, you should pay more attention to take care of it.

Where to find the best body wave hair in the hair market

In the human hair market, there are so many human hair vendors supply the different quality body wave hair, you may want to know where to buy the best body wave weave human hair that can be well restyled. This blog will introduce Evan hair Mall to you.

Evan hair is a 100% human hair supplier in the market for many years, all body wave hair from Evan hair is 9A grade quality, no shedding, no tangle, and long lifespan. They can be restyled to any popular human hairstyles without damaging the quality of the human hair. If you are still on the way to find the reliable human hair vendors, you should enter into Evan hair Mall to have a look.

After reading this blog, do you understand how to straighten body wave hair? Welcome to leave your valuable suggestions about the body wave hair.

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