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How Do You Maintain and Take Care For Human Hair Weave?

Good taking care of human hair weave will extend the lifespan of human hair weave bundles. Since high-quality 100% Remy hair usually comes expensive, so how to extend the lifespan of human hair bundles is very important.

Some human hair lovers know how to correctly maintain the 100% human hair weave, but other human hair beginners don’t know how to properly maintain the best wet and wavy human hair weave. This blog will show some proper ways to keep your best human hair weave more health and extend the service time.


※ How to wash your human hair weave

※ How to dry your human hair weave

※ How to style your human hair weave

※ Daily care of your human hair weave

Washing is the first step of maintaining affordable human hair weave, let us see how to wash human hair weave first.

How To Wash Your Human Hair Weave

Keep the best human hair weave not only can give you a beautiful looking but also ensure the healthy of Remy hair. You should wash your 100 human hair weave bundles every 7 to 14 days.

If you do more outside work, or the environment you live is dirty, wet or dusty, then you should wash your human hair bundles every 7 days. If you haven’t outside work, and the environment you live is clean and normal, then washing your cheap human hair weave every 14 days is recommended.

When you ready to wash your cheap human hair weave, you should do it step by step as following:

1. Comb your human hair weave smooth by a wide teeth comb or your fingers. Please note as gentle as you can, rude and forceful combing may cause hair shedding.

2. Prepare a basin of mild water, drop moderate shampoo, then stir the water with your hand. The sulfate-free shampoo should be recommended to protect your Remy human hair weave.

3. Soak your wet and wavy human hair weave with the water, gently press your head with your finger. You can also do a scalp massage to relax. Your every washing action must be gentle since the hair shedding will easily occur when washing.

4. Clean your human hair weave with a basin of clean water, then smear moderate hair nourishing shampoo on your hair, stay the hair nourishing shampoo on your hair about 3-5 minutes.

5. Rinse your hair with clean water.

How To Dry Your Human Hair Weave

Drying your cheap human hair weave is an important step to avoid hair shedding, hair tangle, and hair desiccation.

Cover your hair with a clean towel after washing, gently wipe water from the human hair, brush the hair to half dry, then let the hair dry with natural air. Don’t dry your hair with heat blower, high power electrical appliances will damage your best human hair weave.

How To Style Your Human Hair Weave

When styling your cheap human hair weave, you should use a wide teeth comb, combing your hair gently, then style your hair with the right tool, overheat tool will damage your hair.

After styling, you can use some hair protection essential oil to protect your human hair weave.

Don’t overheat style to your best wet and wavy human hair weave, we should protect the best human hair weave as our own hair.

Daily Care Of Your Human Hair Weave

1. Moisturize Your Human Hair Weave Styles

Since the best human hair weave sew in will not absorb the water and oil from your scalp, so you should moisturize your human hair bundles regularly. This is especially important for curly human hair weave bundles, jerry curl weave human hair, kinky straight human hair weave, and short curly human hair weave. Because the curly human hair weave will look more dryer than straight human hair weave.

2. Don’t use the spray with glue on your best human hair for sew in weave

Spray with glue will cause the hair loss when you combing and will cause your hair not smooth.

3. Don’t forget to maintain your natural hair braids under the best human hair weave.

Do you know how to maintain your human hair weave after reading this blog? We’d love to see any of your comments about the 100% human hair weave.

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