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What is Cuticle Aligned Virgin Hair

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When we buy hair bundles or hair extensions on AliExpress, Amazon, eBay or website, you will find something like the same length but the price there is a big difference.

Compare AliExpress: one bundle 14 inch

The same shipping method, same length, one bundle is $22.96, and another is $17.79

Compare AliExpress : 3 bundles 14 inch

3 bundles 16 16 16, one is $68.88, and another is $48.44

Compare Amazon: 3 Bundles 12 14 16 inch

Here, one is $41.99 and another is $69.47

Year, why the same length and bundles, but the price is different, and the price difference is very much. Because the hair has different quality, usually, we call them cuticle aligned virgin hair, virgin non-Remy hair, Remy hair, there is a big difference between them, and cuticle aligned virgin hair is the best. Ok, here we only introduced cuticle aligned virgin hair.

Ok, now the problem is what is cuticle aligned virgin hair, why cuticle aligned virgin hair so expensive, we will show you one by one.

The hair is covered with scales, and it is in the direction of hair growth. In the process of preservation, all follow this principle, that is.  braided from the head and cut it directly, that is 100% cuticle aligned virgin hair

What is the hair scale?

This is a hair seen with a microscope, we can see that there are layers of scales on it, and grow in the same direction, this is hair scales. If all hair scales all are in the same direction, the hair bundles will very smooth. if the hair scales are not the same direction or hair scales are damaged, hair scales will hang together like a hook, that’s why the hair will knot.

100% cuticle aligned virgin hair is very few, more and more girls dyeing their hair, this will damage the hair scales, and most girls don’t want to cut hair, so the cuticle aligned virgin hair is more and more expensive, buy the cuticle aligned virgin hair can be used the longest time and more smooth.

If you want to find cuticle aligned virgin hair manufacturers, or you need cuticle aligned virgin hair, please contact us.

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