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Brazilian Body Wave

How to Take Care of Your Body Wave Hair

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Taking good care of your body wave hair can extend the lifespan of the 100% body wave human hair. This can not only make people’s money more valuable but also keep the Brazilian body wave hair in good condition, bring people more self-confidence. That is to say, learning how to take good care of the body wave weave hair is an essential work for women who want to be more beautiful. If you belong to this kind of beauties, please follow up on this blog to know more knowledge about caring for your body wave human hair.


※ How to wash your body wave hair

※ How to dry your body wave hair

※ How to style your body wave hair

※ How to maintain your body wave hair in daily life

※ How to take care of your body wave hair at night

※ How to store your body wave hair

How To Wash Your Body Wave Hair

Washing is the first step of maintaining the health of your Brazilian body wave hair. 100% body wave hairstyles like our own hair, it needs to wash regularly to keep it clean, only the hair under the clean condition can keep the body wave short hair health.

The first time, your body wave human hair wig arrived at your home, you should open the package, check the body wave hair, then washing it before installation. Except for this first time washing, after your Peruvian body wave hair installed, you should wash it once a week to keep it clean.

When you are ready to wash your body wave transparent lace front wig, the moderate water is recommended because the hot water will damage the cuticle of the body wave Remy hair. First, add some high-quality hair washing shampoo in the water, put your body wave hair bundles in the water, gently pat your body wave weave human hair, detangle your hair with your finger. Then wash your body wave hair with closure with the clean water, apply some hair conditioner on your body wave human hair, leaving the conditioner on your head for one minute. Then wash clean your Malaysian body wave hair with clean water.

How To Dry Your Body Wave Hair

You should also pay attention to the method of drying the body wave hair sew-in. Using a clean and dry towel to encase your wet body wave weave hair, keep rubbing the towel with your hand gently. After 70% water is absorbed by the towel, let your body wave hair extensions go out from the towel, sequence your body wave long hair with your finger, then let your Indian body wave hair dry by air. Please note the whole process should be gently and melting, rude action will damage your wet body wave hair.

How To Style Your Body Wave Hair

Appling some moisturizing leave-in conditioner or hair protection essential oil on your Brazilian body wave hair. Comb your body wave hair with a wide teeth comb or your finger, the actions must be gent.

If you want to restyle your body wave hairstyles, please note you should use the right tool. Don’t use the low-quality tool or use the over-heat tool, this will damage the cuticle of your body wave human hair, make your hair become tangle and shedding. The times of restyling shouldn’t also too much, over-handling will also make your body wave hair become fragile.

How To Maintain Your Body Wave Hair In Daily Life

For daily life care, you should keep washing your short body wave hair and body wave long hair regularly, applying the hair protection conditioner or essential oil, don’t over-styled to your body wave human hair wigs. Another important thing is, keep on going to a hair salon regularly to give your body wave hair bundles a thorough caring.

How To Take Care Of Your Body Wave Hair At Night

Some women want to know how to take care of their affordable body wave human hair at night. If they don’t want to waste time to remove the body wave hair at night and re-install the body wave weave in the morning. Here we will give you a valuable suggestion regarding this question.

As a recommendation, we will suggest you remove your body wave hair with closure sew in at night to give your natural scalp breath. But since many women feel it is too troublesome to do so. We also suggest you can wear your best body wave human hair at night, but you should pay more attention to protect it. Then, how to do?

Braid your body wave hair into a loose tail, then cover your entire head with a silk nightcap. And changing your pillow to silk material is also recommended for protecting your body wave human hair.

How To Store Your Body Wave Hair

If you have different body wave hair wigs, or you will remove your body wave hair extensions at night, in these cases, you should know how to store your body wave weave hair.

Purchasing a plastic model head, wear your cheap body wave hair on the model head. If you want to store your best body wave weave human hair for a long time, you can settle your high-quality body wave hair in a plastic bag for safety and long time storing.

Hereto, the methods of caring for your best body wave hair have been finished. Please also note that, although this article is written for body wave hair, actually, the caring method can be used for all human hair textures, such as Brazilian natural wave human hair, straight human hair, curly human hair, loose deep wave human hair, kinky curly human hair, kinky straight human hair, etc. Pay more attention to protect your 100% human hair, you will get the longest lifespan from your protection.

Do you have other suggestions on caring for the body wave hair? We’d love to see your comments in the below comment area.

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