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Headband Wig

Why is Headband Wigs So Popular for Women in 2020

Human hair headband wigs have been so popular among women these days. Together with their growing fame, there increases the demand for them to meet the customers’ needs. That why headband wig human hair was born. Hence, today Evan Hair is going to share with you one of the most hot-search hairpieces recently, namely Headband Wigs!

What You Will Learn From This Article:

First, What is Headband Half Wig?

A headband wig is not strange for customers who always wear wigs. Headband wigs, just as its name implies, they are wigs with a headband attached, and the hair is sewn on a soft wig cap. The special part about these wigs is that they only go on the back of your head while you style your natural hair in the front, so people also call them half wigs. Generally, there are clips and adjustable straps on the back of the cap to fix the hair. The wig headband is a very soft and comfortable special design to fit the wig perfectly.

Advantages of Headband wig

The half wig with headband has different hair textures on the market. Human hair is a leading and popular product that is welcomed by customers. Headband human hair wigs are great hairstyles for beginners, They are very convenient and fashionable in recent years. We can see many female stars also use this headband wig on TV, which fully shows that it has enough advantages.

1. Glueless headband wig can protect your hairline

There are three salient features of wigs with a headband. First, there is no lace for headband wigs, so customers will not need to spend time cutting extra lace at all. Then, you do not need to use glue to install the headband half wig, this can prevent bad-quality glue from damaging your health and protect your skin. Three, the headband is elastic and very comfortable, and it can fit the wig on the head very well. These 3 key advantages are attracting girls who want to try them. Headband wigs for African Americans are always hot-selling in every season.

2. Breathable and light

Human hair headband wigs are very light, they are not as heavy as other wigs, but they can also cover the entire scalp. The wigs headband is also breathable and suitable for summer and winter. Wearing a headband fall wig will feel as light and breathable as natural hair, which is very suitable for hot weather.

3. So easy to Install

You do not need much time on wearing the human hair headband wig. You can put it on your head directly, use any headband to fix your hair, and just adjust it. Compared to wearing a lace frontal wig, you only need to spend about ten minutes to put on the wig, while wearing a lace wig will take 1-2 hours. So, a wig with a headband attached is a kind of great hairstyles for beginners.

4. Fashion and casual

Headband wigs human hair make people fashionable and atmospheric. You can buy the best headband wigs, cheap headband wigs, and African American headband wigs from Evan Hair. Once you place the order, you will get some headband for wigs, and extra gifts.

The real beginner-friendly wig | new headband wig

No part makes it look more blended, most suitable for doing a half-up, half-down hairstyle. With the bandit is more secure to wear, the most cost-efficient/affordable human hair wig. 7 days no reason return. Fast free shipping.

Headbands wigs | 2020 last trending products

headband wig can protect your own edge. The most cost-efficient /affordable human hair wig.Super soft. Non lace wig, easy to wear and take off. The best choice for your first wig.

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Different styles according to your mood|super natural look

Headbands wigs come in many color & pattern options. No-slip headbands for your active lifestyle! Fits any size head. Stay-in-place headbands. Choose from many colors. Shop now today!

No worries about hairline anymore| perfect fit

headband wigs are great protective styles for beginners, quick and convenient hairstyles. Shop online. Safe payment. 30 days refund guarantee. Track your order. Fully safe & secure.

Now, let’s talking about the benefits of a headband wig.

1. Protect Your Edges Well

The wigs can protect your hair edges well because it uses no glue within the least. There is no lace for headband wigs. You don’t need to spend time cutting lace within the least, and you don’t need to apply glue on your scalp. this may prevent bad-quality glue from damaging your health and protect your skin.

2. Quick & Easy To Wear

The headband wig is extremely convenient. you are doing not need to spend time wearing the human hair wig. you’ll put it on your head directly, use any headband to repair your hair, and just adjust it. Compared to wearing a lace frontal wig, you merely need to spend about ten minutes to put on the wig, while wearing a lace wig will take 1-2 hours. Also, headband Wigs are Great Hairstyles for beginners.

3. Convenient With No Lace And No Glue

Human hair headband wigs are Very light, they are not as heavy as other lace front human hair wigs, but they’re going to also cover the entire scalp. Wearing a head wig will feel as light and breathable as natural hair, which is extremely suitable for decent weather.

4. Super Natural Look 

Wig headband makes people fashionable and atmospheric. you’ll buy a headband long wig and a couple of great quality lace frontal wigs and headband human hair wigs on reliable Hair Factory. The highlight of the wig is on the headscarf, you’ll buy a headband in multiple colors and patterns and choose your favorite headband to match your mood or the color of the clothes.

5. With headband wigs, no more bad hair

You can say goodbye to a bad hair day. It works perfectly on a ‘bad hair day’ or a twist out or a lazy day. Match your dress, tops, or any outfits for normal and special occasions including going to church.

6. Different styles according to your mood

Daily use Halloween, cosplay, costume, theme parties, bachelorette party, weddings, dating, conventions, masquerades, prom, evening out, carnival, April fool’s day, and any other occasions. Also will be nice gifts for your friends and families. Women of any age can have beautiful hair that gives you comfort and charm.

How to Wear a Headband Wig?

Yes! just 3-10 minutes, u can wear Headband Wig! Save Time And Make u look More Gorgeous and Chic !!!

  • Brush your natural hair
  • Wear and clip the wig
  • Wear headband u like and do style(Items per Package:1x Curly Human Hair Wig With Headband, And 2x Beautiful and Soft Headbands)

Wear a Headband Wig!! Just Restyle as u Like! And show your own baby hair!!!

Reviews of Headband Wig

This is by far the EASIEST wig I’ve ever installed before. This #HeadbandWig is so convenient it’s a great #BeginnerWig and a great option for #ProtectiveStyles Very easy to blend your #NaturalHair with the headband half wig. Most importantly this wig does not require any lace, glue, plucking of the hairline, or bleaching of the knots! — Maryam Kebe

This wig is so versatile and it’s definitely a quick “put it on and go” wig. There are multiple styles you can do with it. It’s really thick and fluffy, it tangles a little, and minimal shedding when I washed the hair I received little to no shedding. — Jenelle Parris

When I washed the hair I received little to no shedding. The hair didn’t tangle or was heavy or hard after I applied products. You can wear the wig in its natural state or wet and wavy and both equal bomb! I would recommend this wig to someone who is beginner-friendly. — Ruth Pettway

I am not the lace melting wig connoisseur I aspire to be, and have spent more than I care to mention on wigs that I just couldn’t finesse. This one is my saving grace!! I love it and actually went out in public. Some quick baby hair magic and I was lit lol. It does run very small…I have the adjustable straps completely loose and it’s very snug. It’s not uncomfortable, but if I had any more circumference to my head, it would’ve been on its way back. — Sereta Smith

I LOVE THIS WIG!!!!! I’ve worn it everyday for a month now! It’s so cute! I’ve worn it so much it’s going to be my workout wig now lol so it’s time to order another. You can wear it up in a messy bun or ponytail.: for bigger curls wash it and brush it while wet then let it air dry overnight. — Charity Hardman


It has the same changeable curl and color as the traditional wigs. It is more suitable for novices to wear.

It is easy to put on and take off. For women who are busy studying and working.

In terms of its convenience to wear, it can save a lot of time, and it only takes two to three minutes to install.

If you have time, you can create a variety of styles like traditional wigs to meet different occasions.

Therefore, the headband has become a well-deserved hot item.

If you want a young beauty that can make your hair fuller and longer, Headband Wigs are a good choice.

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